You are invited to stay in a traditional Balinese family private compound, nestled in the rural village of Uma Abian, owned by a member of the royal family of Mengwi, one of Bali’s main kingdoms of old. Consider this retreat into the Balinese Culture that for centuries have famously blended tha abundant natural beauty on offer in Bali with the core Balinese belief in Harmony and Balance with all things. A unique, colorful, and photogenic holiday or honeymoon retreat removed from the city centers, surrounded by terraced rice fields, swaying palm trees and flowing rivers.



This rural village is a timeless hidden gem, where one can take nature walks to see Bali and feel the unoque and colorful Balinese culture as it was in the 1920’s. You can join the family and the commuity of the village in daily social and ceremonial activities like tending the rice paddies or helping elderly ladies make the daily temple offerings. Learn some simple Balinese dished & sauces. Take a walk among the flowing rivers under shimmering palms with deep green rice field views. View the countless temples standing guard in the field and villages and witness the deep reverence the Balinese have in everything they do.




Want a Simple and Fresh Balinese Wedding ? Puri Taman Sari will arrange for you a classically simple Balinese wedding complete with traditional wedding flower arrangements, ceremony and handmade decorations in the royal compound overlooking the rice fields and open sky.

  • Simple Balinese Wedding Dress, Make Up and Hair Do, Hand bouquet
  • Simple Balinese Venue Setting & Decoration
    - 2 Balinese Traditional Flag (Penjor)
    - 1 Balinese Coconut Leaves Plengkung
    - 2 Balinese Janur
    - 6 Balinese Hanging Janur (Paku Pipit)
    - 2 Balinese Umbrella
    - Simple Flower Petal
    - Wedding Offering
  • Simple Balinese Procession and Ceremony
    - 2 Umbrella Boys
    - 2 Flower girls
    - 2 Rindik Player
    - 1 Temple Priest
  • Simple Photography result in Edited Raw files
  • Wedding Gift Souvenir

Schedule:  10.00 – 12.00, 15.00 – 17.00



Puri Taman Sari also can offer you the Elegant Balinese Wedding with rich traditional dress and exclusively handmade wedding flower arrangements and decorations. The villages will also participate to enhance the festivities and joy in a traditional walking procession led by young dancing girls.

  • Standard Balinese Wedding Dress, Make Up and Hair Do
  • Standard Balinese Venue Setting & Decoration
    - 2 Balinese Traditional Flag (Penjor)
    - 4 Balinese Umbul – umbul
    - 5 Balinese Coconut Leaves Plengkung
    - 6 Balinese Janur
    - 12 Balinese Hanging Janur (Paku Pipit)
    - 6 Balinese Flower Stand
    - 4 Balinese Umbrella
    - Flower Petal
    - Offering
  • Simple Balinese Procession and Ceremony
    - 2 Umbrella Boys
    - 4 Flower girls
    - 6 Village Maiden
    - Gambelan Orchestra with welcoming dance and jogged bumbung
    - 1 Temple Priest
  • Standard Photography
    result in Collage Album and Edited Raw files
  • Wedding Gift Souvenir




Experience a wedding similar to that of the Balinese Royals. Be a King and Queen for your wedding or honeymoon in Bali. Let us dress you as a Royal Balinese Couple in the traditions of old. Let the whole village make the traditional wedding flower arrangement with natural and elaborate wedding decorations complete with a village procession including multiple towering Bali flags blowing in the breeze carried through the rice fields while mucisians play classical wedding music all led by dancing girls. Enjoy famous Balinese dishes created on the Island of the Gods at your private dinner party while being entertained by colorful, mystical and ancient Balinese dances and music under the famous Banyan Tree.


  • Royal Balinese Wedding Dress, Make Up and Hair Do
  • Royal Balinese Venue Setting & Decoration
    - 4 Balinese Traditional Flag (Penjor)
    - 8 Balinese Umbul – umbul
    - 7 Balinese Coconut Leaves Plengkung
    - 9 Balinese Janur
    - 24 Balinese Hanging Janur (Paku Pipit)
    - 10 Balinese Flower Stand
    - 8 Balinese Umbrella
    - Full virgin Flower Petal
    - Wedding Offering
  • Royal Balinese Procession and Ceremony
    - 2 Umbrella Boys
    - 2 Bandrang Boys
    - 8 Flower girls
    - 12 Village Maiden
    - Gambelan Orchestra
    - 1 Temple Priest
  • CollagePhotography
  • ProVideo Documentation
  • Royal Balinese Dinner Party
    - Champagne Wedding Toast
    - Legong and Joged Dance Performances
  • Wedding Gift Souvenir
  • Pickup and Return Transfer
    (subject to promotional season & location)



Please ask about our many optional services that can enhance your wedding and joy. We will explain to you clearly the variety and specifics of the wedding plans. We wish to work closely with you to help make your dream wedding come true.

1. Dinner / Lunch Party Package
2. Photography and Video Documentation
3. Transfer Return Services
4. Wedding Cake

5. Wedding Toast
6. Legal / Civil Wedding Service
7. Balloon and Pigeon Release
8. Accommodation in Cottages, Suites or Villa



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